The factory

Chocolate Bars

Sailor Jane likes a little sea salt. Lights Out prefers the dark. And Jack Bean is all about the bounce. Our lineup of bars pair premium chocolate with ingredients like coffee, maple, mint and sea salt. We’ve got pure milk and dark chocolate for the purists out there too!

Chocolate Fondues

Think campfire. Think flame. Think fondue flavours that will make your mind go, “Whaaaaat?” Our decadent fondues are fun to share with family and friends. (Imaginary friends count too. More for you!)

Hot Cocoa Powders

Just add hot milk. Just add happiness. Just add, “Back in five, taste buds have gone travelling.” Our cocoa powders are the ultimate escape artists.

Drinking Chocolate

Hold onto your mug: when you add hot water to this premium mix of cocoa powder and chocolate chunks, you’re headed for your happy place.

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